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What would you do for family?

Between the rural Texas towns of Bass and Sat is one of the most popular barbecue restaurants in America. Big Butts Bar-B-Que has been the seat of power for the Fleming family since the Great Depression, but when tragedy and scandal beset Titus and his surviving transgender son Lavinia, deals are made to keep control of the restaurant. An arrangement that will put a father at odds with his legacy. As the table is set, is it just the keys to the barbecue kingdom some are after, or something else entirely?

An extreme horror story inspired by Shakespeare’s play Titus Andronicus.

©2017 Thomas S. Flowers (P)2017 Thomas S. Flowers


Or should I say OINK?! This book is awesomely gruesome and if you like to see justice served violently, this book is for you. Flowers has a knack for writing about the taboo and disturbing – he does not disappoint in this tale. Dueling families, neither of which are filled with particularly “good” people, end up in competition over the famous Big Butts Bar-B-Que. Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say, the road towards vengeance is littered with body parts and BBQ sauce in this gory tale. I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys horror/murder-mystery/thrillers, etc. Scary and well done, 10/10!
-Tad B.